Family Fun Day Detail

** Family Fun Day  -- Detailed Information

How did FFD (Family Fun Day) start?

Hello!  Brett Lindemood, Friendship Celebration’s D.C.E here.   (picture of Brett???)

 Family Fun Day began when I asked this question, "When was the last time you played kick-ball with your family?" Everyone I asked responded with either, “I can’t remember” or, “Never”. 

Then I asked, "Would you like to?"  Everyone’s response was, "Yes!" 

How does FFD help Grow my Family’s Faith?

You may ask, "How is playing games with other families going to stretch and grow faith?' And it comes down to what I call the 5 pillars of faith.

  1. Worship      2. Prayer      3. Bible Study     4. Evangelism & Serving      5. Connecting (Fellowship)

All 5 are important in a faith life, but not one of them is more important. All point people to Christ and their need of a savior, but all reach into different aspects of an individual’s and family’s life. Family Fun Day will address Prayer, Bible Study, Evangelism & Serving, and Connecting.

What is the Time Commitment?

This is a once a week commitment by those participating, but only once a month outside of your own home. We will meet the first Sunday of each month here at Friendship Celebration. We will enjoy a meal together and play a game (like kickball) with other families. Then we will move to our own personal family tables to do devotions together.  Each family is then provided resources to help facilitate a once-a-week family devotions time in your own home.

Please consider this opportunity to grow in faith within your family, and as a church so that we all may know Christ’s Forgiveness better. Please feel free to contact Brett @ .  

What Devotion Resources are Used? (geared for families with younger children)

Devotions for the younger age group are through This resource provides an activity to go along with the devotion for each week of the month. We will do the first one in our own family groups at church, and then take the Family Box home to be done as a family once a week for the rest of the month.


The Bible Project (geared for families with older children)

Devotions for the older age kids will be bible studies using online videos through "The Bible Project”.  Check back to this website page frequently to pick up the current video.