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Friendly 411 Weekly August 17, 2017

08.17.17 | Weekly 411 | by Joan Hammerson

    Friendly 411 Weekly -- August 17, 2017

     2017 Fall FCLC Church Participation Directory! We are putting together a new church participation directory. Draft copies of the directory are located in the west window wall area in the foyer. Please take time to check your information and make any necessary changes. If your information is not in the draft copy, but you would like to be added to the FCLC church participation directory, please use the Addition Sheets available on the table. This year we are updating ALL PHOTOS in the directory. David Reinke will be available before or after the worship services to have your picture taken for the next few Sundays. New photos are especially important as we welcome our new senior Pastor, Matt Henry and his family. Or you can email a specific photo to the church office at . All photos must be submitted no later than Monday, August 28th.

     Ladies Advent by Candlelight --The First Planning Meeting has been suggested for an evening; so that more can (hopefully) be involved. So ladies, mark your calendar for Monday, September 11th at 7:00pm. Bring all ideas and your calendars. We look forward to seeing you! If you cannot come to the meeting, but would like to help, call or text Marla Olsen (208-631-3325).

     Reminder! Car Wash & Yard Sale Saturday, August 26 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Yard Sale donations are now being accepted in the Barn.

     CELEBRATION CHOIR MEMBERS I am surprising pleased at the interest in the Reformation joint choir project. Since I have to order the music for it, I have decided to invite our Celebration Choir to sing the same anthem also for our own Reformation services at FCLC on October 29th. The performance would be scheduled in the service towards the end of the first service, and near the beginning of the second service; so that folks will have enough time to take a break before traveling to Nampa for the all valley Reformation service at 4pm. Please consider putting Sunday, September 3rd and Monday September 11th on your calendars for a 7pm rehearsal. Then we will take a two-week break since I will be out of town. Then begin practicing in Nampa the last Thursday of the month of September as advertised previously. There has been a suggestion that we carpool. We can discuss that at the first rehearsal (these will be both men and women together, not sectionals as per usual). Also, since the choir will be meeting for several weeks anyway, could I also invite you to sing a special number for Pastor Matt’s Installation service, also in October? Please email my gmail account at about your wishes. We will rehearse the anthem for Pastor Matt on Saturday September 30th at noon as well as at the two early September practices. Many of you will already be there on Sept. 30th for food preparation, grounds clean-up etc. and hopefully it won’t take more than an hour. Linda Hausch, FCLC Music Director