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Friendly 411 Weekly August 31, 2017

08.31.17 | Weekly 411 | by Joan Hammerson

    Friendly 411 Weekly

    August 31, 2017


    Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on the Coastal Bend area of Texas.  The remnants of the storm have been referred to as an “800-year flood event.” (Think about that. 800 years ago, it was 1217 AD!) There are so many that have been and are being impacted by this storm.

    While we, here in San Antonio, sit in relative safety, it is heavy on my heart to encourage all of us to help and use our blessings to bless those so powerfully afflicted. When I say, “help,” I am thinking of three specific ways.

    Immediate ways to help


    1. Pray for those who are in danger, those who are stranded, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of first responders and citizens who are working tirelessly to provide rescue and relief.
    2. Pray for this storm to move on!  I know that the forecasts say that it isn’t going to happen, but … God is able.
    3. Pray for those who will see and hear of all the needs associated with this storm.  Pray that our response will be unprecedented as we move into action and demonstrate the heart of Jesus as we love our neighbors.


    Your donations will help to provide the funds necessary to begin the recovery process and provide for basic needs.  There are many ways to give, but here are a couple of simple and powerful ways:

      • Make a donation to Concordia.  We have established the J2e3 Disaster Relief Fund for this purpose. 100% of the funds collected will be passed along to those in need in the Coastal Bend and Houston areas for Hurricane Harvey relief. CLICK HERE.
      • Make your donation to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Texas District.  The district has also pledged that 100% of the funds collected will be applied to the needs here in Texas. CLICK HERE.

    Please be aware that most agencies that receive gifts for disaster relief keep a percentage of what is received for administrative costs.  

    How to help in the weeks ahead

    Sign up.

    Other than first responders and local volunteers, no one is able to enter the most affected areas at this point.  We are coordinating with congregations and agencies in the Coastal Bend and Houston areas to be ready when our physical assistance will be welcomed and possible.  At this point, there are two types of needs …

    1. People who are willing to help with preparations here in San Antonio.  You don’t have to leave San Antonio to provide wonderful help by preparing supply kits to distribute to the affected areas.
    2. People who are able, when the opportunity presents itself, to consider making the trip to these areas to provide the physical help that is needed.

    So that we are able to act quickly, please consider signing up by clicking this link and letting us know some basic information so we can be in touch with you.

    I am grateful for your generosity in time and treasure as we step up to this opportunity and help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters.  Thank you for shining like stars in the universe as we hold out the WORD of Life!


    Pastor Bill Tucker

     From Donnette House: If many of you are feeling as I am, helpless in the face of Harvey and Texas and would like to do something, I have decided to try to put some hygiene kits bags together to ship there. It seems money is needed the most. Bring your DONATIONS TO CHURCH BY SUNDAY. Instead of oatmeal bags: $$$$$, Canned ready-to-eat items with pull tops: vegetables, fruit, Protein in pouches or pull-top cans: tuna, beef stew, chili, canned chicken, Peanut butter, Snacks: granola bars, breakfast bars, etc., Toiletries, Paper goods, Diapers, Cleaning supplies: mops, mop buckets, brooms, bleach wipes, bleach, garbage bags, bug spray

     Men’s September Breakfast: Our next Men’s Breakfast is Saturday, September 2nd at 8:00am. Our guest speaker is Bob Kalthoff. Ron Bischoff will be cooking for us. Contact Ray Ohlaug (208-908-3281) if you have any questions.

     Camp Perkins Fall Women’s Retreat! Ladies, mark your calendars for the Camp Perkins Fall Retreat on October 13-15. Early registrations (by Sept. 29) is $115 ($125 after Sept. 29). Register at to reserve your spot in the Retreat Center for a memorable weekend. Guest speak is Tammy Kelm. This is an awesome getaway weekend for getting into God’s Word and His amazing creation.

     2017 Fall FCLC Church Participation Directory! A new church participation directory is coming soon. Draft copies of the directory are located in the west window wall area in the foyer. Please take time to check your information and make any necessary changes. If your information is not in the draft copy, but you would like to be added to the FCLC church participation directory, please use the Addition Sheets available on the table. Also, PLEASE so David Reinke before or after the service to update your photo.

     Coming very soon. . .Your Testimony—A First Step in Sharing Your Faith is a workshop schedule for four Wednesday evenings at 7pm, September 13 to October 4 at Friendship Celebration in Room 132. Completing the workshop will provide you with a simple, practical, and friendly way to share your faith any time you feel the Spirit’s nudge. For more information, contact Craig Hoellwarth (9126-833-1713) OR email at

     Rally Day is Sunday, September 17. Fall Sunday School begins that Sunday. We are looking for teachers and activity leaders. If you would like to share your time and talents once a month or once every few months, please contact Nicole Sarty at (208) 866-9059. You can work with primary or intermediate ages.

     Welcome BBQ & Rally Day—Sunday September 17 after second service. Please sign up for the number of hamburgers and hot dogs your family would like. A-J please bring desserts and K-Z please bring salads and sides. Tea, Lemonade, and water will be provided.

     Ladies Thursday Morning Bible Study being September 14th at 9:15am. We will be studying the Armor of God by Phyllis Shirer. It is a 7 week study. Contact Karen Graham (208-870-7764) if you are interested in joining the ladies for this study so that we knows how much study books to purchase.

     Prayer & Praise -- Everyone is invited to Prayer & Praise next Sunday Sept 10th from 5pm to 5:45pm here at Friendship Celebration. We will spend time in God's Word, and offering our voice to God through prayer and Praise. We hope to see you.

      Women’s Breakfast Due to problems with REMIND ME, Gail has had to scrapped it. She sent an email out Wednesday, August 30th. If you did not receive one and wish to, please let her know. Our first breakfast will be September 23rd at 9:30am. Gail Davis (208-996-9934) or email .