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Friendly 411 Weekly June 15, 2017

06.15.17 | Weekly 411 | by Joan Hammerson

    Friendly 411 Weekly--June 15, 2017

     A Quick Reminder! Katy Tollefson’s memorial service is tomorrow morning (Friday June 16th) at 10:30am. A light lunch will follow the service.

     Call Committee Update:

    Pastoral Call Candidate Weekend—June 17-18! One of our pastoral call candidates, Pastor Matt Henry, his wife Sally, and their family will be here this weekend. Here is the schedule:

      Saturday, June 17:

      3:00 pm: Open Meeting with Pastor Matt Henry & Congregation

       5:00 pm: Dinner with the Congregation

       Sunday, June 18:

        9:45-10:45 am: Open Q & A Session with Pastor Matt Henry & Congregation

     The Call Committee encourages everyone’s participation in providing a warm welcome to Pastor Matt and his family. Let’s show the family what “Friendship” is all about. We ask that each member pray daily for guidance as we seek God's will in the selection of our next pastor. If you have any questions, please contact David Reinke, .

     NEW!! Informal Congregational Meeting this coming Wednesday, June 21 at 7pm. The Call Committee will hold an informal meeting this Wednesday evening to discuss the calling of a senior pastor. Questions or concerns? Contact David Reinke.

     Happy 4th of July! The FCLC Youth Program are selling fireworks again this year! We would be honored if you would stop by so that we can help you maximize your celebration of our Independence. We are located in the corner of Chinden and Linder - 1400 W. Chinden, Meridian. Open 8am to 10pm June 24th through July 4th, or until sold out of fireworks. Please invite friends, neighbors, co-workers.


    There will be a special Voter’s Assembly meeting on Sunday June 25, 2017 at 9:45 am, for the purpose of calling a Senior. Pastor. Our list of qualified candidates is Pastor Matthew Henry and Pastor David Gaddini. If you have questions, please contact David Reinke or any member of the call committee.

     Volunteers still needed! FCLC has signed up to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House on Thursday, June 29th and Friday, July 14th. We will need 4 - 6 volunteers for each night. If you are unable to volunteer but would still like to help, you could help provide the food that we will be cooking. Please contact John Wiemer, and let him know if you are able to help cook or are interested in helping with purchasing the food. Thank you.