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Friendly 411 Weekly October 12, 2017

10.12.17 | Weekly 411 | by Joan Hammerson

    Friendly 411 Weekly--October 12, 2017

     What a tremendous welcome and installation last Sunday! Thank you for making my family and me feel so welcome. We are so grateful for all the help we received with the move, getting settled and we are excited to be part of the church family at Friendship knowing that God will continue to do good things here. Thank you to Pastor Tom and Linda for preparing such a meaningful service, and to the choir, music team, and all who attended the installation. Susan Banker and crew—thank you for your hospitality with a top-notch reception! We are very blessed to be here. Gratefully, Pastor Matt

     Reformation Choir Practice Reminder! There will be choir practice Monday evening (Oct. 16th) at 7:00 pm as scheduled.

     The Women’s Friday morning Bible study class will be starting a new 8-week study on Friday Oct. 27 on the life and ministry of Peter. All women are welcome to join us. Just let Carol Jo Richter (208 377 3746) know so that we can order material for you

     I am very excited for 5th & 6th Grade Youth Group this year! This Sunday we are kicking off our first Meeting with Lunch at Noon and Devotion. After that we are going to Wahooz for several hours of Fun. I hope that you and your 5th and 6th grader might consider staying for the Prayer & Praise service this week. Who: All 5th & 6th graders are invited--Where: Begin and end at FCLC--When: Noon to 5pm--Why: To get to know peers and friends in the church better, invite other friends to church, devotion/food/fun.--Cost: $20. I am looking for Parents to drive and Chaperone the Wahooz part of the Youth Group. It is a good way to get to know the other youth at church that are your children’s age, and some of the other parents as well. Please text Brett before Wednesday if your 5th or 6th grader will be attending, & if you are willing to drive/chaperone: 208-982-1461 Thanks and hope to see you Sunday. Brett Lindemood (FYI - it is always better to text me for more info.)

     Many thanks! We would like to thank all those that helped with the dinner for the Installation for Pastor Matt Henry. We so appreciated your help in making this a memorable, encouraging, and uplifting day for the Henry Family.

     Advent by Candlelight Update: Plans for the Advent by Candlelight on December 1st have begun. If you would like to help in any way or have questions, please contact Marla Olsen (208-631-3325).

     Servant Trip to Texas for Hurricane Relief efforts—Who: For every family interested — Where: We are meeting in the Church Multi-purpose room — When: 9:50am October 15th (This Sunday!) INFO: We are hoping to take as many Families, Youth, and able-bodied members of our congregation to help in the relief efforts in Texas from the devastation from the Hurricanes. Come find out more about this trip, sign up by October 31st, or hear how you can help best from Meridian, ID.

     FCLC has signed up to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House on Monday, October 16th and Monday, November 13th. We still need 4 - 6 volunteers. You arrive at 4PM and are usually done cooking and cleaning up by 6:30PM. If you are unable to volunteer but would still like to help you could help provide the food that we will be cooking. RMH usually contacts us about a week before our scheduled night and asks us if we have an idea for the menu and how many people they show will be at the house that night. We can set the menu at any time but we have to remember that if it is not sealed from the store it must be prepared at the house. Please contact John Wiemer, , and let him know if you are able to help cook.


    On November 4th from 10am to 1pm there will be a seminar on the subject of Cancer Killers. This is a DO NOT MISS seminar if you want to learn about how to avoid getting this terrible disease by keeping your body healthy. We are asking for a $10.00 free-will donation and all proceeds will go to the establishment of a new free Integrative health and Wellness Clinic run by the National Integrative Health & Wellness Project Inc., a 501c3 charitable organization run by Bob Neugebauer.