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Weekly 411 - December 8

12.08.16 | Weekly 411 | by Joan Hammerson

     It’s tea & cookie time again! “A Cup of Christmas Tea LADIES 18 and up, bring 3 dozen cookies, the recipe, and a snack to share. Meet in the Fellowship area at church at 4pm on Saturday, December 10th. Beverages provided. Remember, this is a time to relax, refresh, and reflect during a busy time. Please bring a guest! Any questions? Call Marla (631-3325).


    FAMILY FUN DAY – DROP-N-SHOP Friday, December 9th, 5-10:30pm PROVIDED:  Dinner - Games - Snacks - Video Games - Christmas Wrapping - Movie COST: $0.00 – Donations Only STAFF: Youth Minister – Brett Lindemood Jr. & Sr. High Volunteers QUESTIONS:


    Check out Friendship Celebration’s New Website! Most of today’s potential visitors will search online for a church to attend. With that said, the website becomes our first greeter, our welcoming committee, the first impression. Potential visitors will make a decision to attend – or not – based on how the website communicates information about our church and God’s message, us as individuals, and our activities. And it isn’t just ‘data’. A website experience is how it makes a person feel. Not in minutes, but in seconds. One quick glance down the Home Page is all we get to make that first impression, so they will read more on the site or visit. We do that through color, pictures, video and brief information on the Home Page. Please check out the new website. For details about new and upcoming features, see the “About Us/ The New Website” page for details. Please note all pages are not complete and they are noted as such.


    Angel Tree Gift Delivery Help Needed Help is needed to deliver the gifts next Saturday, December 17th. Call Judy (208-921-2340) if you can help.


    Dottie Basye & Linda Varnes’ book “Angel with Big Feet will be available f or purchase in English and Spanish this Sunday in the foyer in between worship services. Proceeds benefit our preschool. The Chinese version is also on display.


    YOU have an opportunity to reach out and make a first impression here at Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church.  We would love to have you join the Greeting Ministry teams and share your smile and handshakes with those coming through our doors on Sunday mornings.  It is our opportunity to create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome…to extend friendship.  With more people on our teams, the fewer times you are needed to serve (6-8 times each year).  You can greet prior to the service that you attend.  The best part is you get a beautifully colored and nifty name tag to wear with your name on it. If you are interested, please contact Juli Bokenkamp at  or 208-954-0723 or let me know at church.  Schedules are currently completed through February 2017 so you wouldn’t be scheduled prior to that time.