DCE Tim Kaufmann

My name is Tim Kaufmann and I serve as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry here at Friendship Celebration. My wife Joy and I were married in Idaho and she was also born here, so we are glad to be back in her home state. We have two adult children. My daughter lives in southern Idaho, so I'm glad we get to see her more often. My son is married and he serves as a Director of Christian Education at a Lutheran Church in Kentucky. I have served as a Director of Christian Education for 30+ years now! Working with our parents and families, I love to provide opportunities for our children and youth to grow in their faith. My hobbies include photography, computers, and going to the movies. I also enjoy traveling around the United States which is why I love leading youth on mission trips over the years. I am blessed to use my gifts and serve here at Friendship Celebration. I can be reached by calling the church office or by email at